I heard there’s a game plan?

Hey all, I’m here to share what Rune is doing and where it sees itself going. 👋

You all know Rune is a place to farm tokens. But is that it? What’s the game plan?


We love games. You love games. Lets build games. We want to build a protocol that will satisfy not only our games, but a marketplace of games. We’ll build the first 2 ourselves to kick it off.


Starts out as a farming game, and transitions into an online 2D RPG. This RPG is simpler in nature, demonstrating the…

There’s a robot problem brewing.

Everybody is surprised to learn that Uniswap was designed for arbitrage. It’s in the first pages of their documentation. PancakeSwap is a literal copy of Uniswap. Rune uses PancakeSwap as it’s AMM.

Rune.farm — April 14, 2021

Geoff Bones: HEAR YE HEAR YE! It’s AMA time! We are pleased to welcome @binzydev and squire @RuneFarmKevin from team RUNEFARM. We are about to get a little “Medieval” with this one. All those in House Gemz who speak out of turn for the duration of next hour or so will be Banished from the realm!

5 winners (picked by @Gbonez1990) will share the prize pool of 1 BNB worth of $RUNE, 0.2 BNB worth of $RUNE each

From here on out, lets respect our guests :)

@binzydev welcome to the AMA, whenever you are…

Hey raiders,

It’s been an intense last 7 days! To recap what’s happened since March 31st:

TLDR: Stop inflating, and follow TreeDefi’s example.

Some of you have brought some concerns minting more RUNE to my attention. The original plan was for this to be a standard farm, which mints its own token. Just like PancakeSwap. Just like GooseDefi. And at the perfect opportunity lock minting:

However, there has been confusion over the “max supply” and I made a few people mods, one of them has gone all out calling him “Rune Farm Support”. He answered that the max supply was 10K, and it was at the time, but what he was asking is the total max…

Alright yall, I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news is if you didn’t like that RUNE was inflating from farms, we have officially LOCKE RUNE minting.

BAD news is you dumped RUNE, that was the last RUNE you’ll ever farm in your life. There will only ever be 22,530 RUNE (max supply). And I’ll be burning a bunch soon.

What does this mean?

  1. You won’t be getting RUNEs anymore. Instead you’ll be getting ELs (the first rune)
  2. EL is the first rune of more to follow. EL-ZOD.

You could consider this a gift from Tyrael. An…

Get ready to raid runes!

Countdown Block

Countdown Timer

About Rune

Rune.Farm is an NFT farming protocol on Binance Smart Chain. We are a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. Our protocol will allow users to upgrade characters and join guilds to earn bonuses in NFT rune farms and combine them into newly generated NFTs.

How to Participate

Farming with RUNE will be the same as other farms the last few months. Please see the How to Participate page if you’re unsure how it works :)

Don’t forget to vote for us on Blockfolio: https://feedback.blockfolio.com/coin-requests/p/rune-httpsrunefarm

Rune Farm is aiming to be a leading NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain. Rune will launch yield farms as a way to acquire NFTs that can be combined into other NFTs called Rune Words. Characters and Guilds on the platform will gain certain farm bonuses or NFT rewards depending on their attributes.

Why Rune?

  • Continuous updates and open source by a highly experienced anon developer.
  • Community-feedback highly welcomed with monitored chat & frequent polls.
  • Multiple opportunities throughout the year with different NFT runes, each with different distribution mechanics.
  • Detailed roadmap & game plan. …


Building cool things

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